Collect the right 
documents, faster.

Collect the right documents, faster.

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting and organizing documents manually. With Penbox's Personal Forms powered by AI, you can now collect, extract and validate information from any document and automatically merge, compress, and rename files.

Join +100 service and admin teams who collect their documents more intelligently
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Organize your documents
and files collection

Organize your documents and files collection

Eliminate the tedious process of collecting, validating, merging, renaming files, and copying/pasting information into your systems. Penbox's smart document tools enable you to collect and organize your customer documents completely automatically and accurately.

Get the documents you need

Smart Checklist: Request documents from clients using your customized lists, ensuring only relevant information is gathered for each unique scenario.
Automated Tracking: Eliminate the need to follow up with clients, as they'll receive a unique link and automated reminders that you can keep track of.

Extract and validate in real-time

Smart Data Extraction: Penbox AI analyses and pulls required text from your documents, according to your specifications.
Live Validation: Utilize Penbox AI to authenticate documents directly in the form, guaranteeing you always obtain the correct documents.

Merge, compress, rename, save

Documents Optimization: Instantly obtain the perfect document with the appropriate file size, combined into a single PDF with your desired naming format. No additional tools needed.
Easy Export: Transfer the organized documents directly to your mailbox, workspace or shared drive automatically.

Boost your business with Penbox

Maximize completion
and productivity
Accelerate document collection: from needing documents to getting them all, in hours, not days!
Boost accuracy
and reliability
Automate documents validation and gather valid, formatted and renamed documents.
4.8 /5 SCORE
Improve client and
employee satisfaction
Forget e-mail and pictures dumps and move on to a smooth digital experience with your clients.

Empower every team with
smart documents collection

Operational teams
Never worry about missing documents again: Focus on core responsibilities, confident that you have the right documents at your fingertips.
Support teams
Level up your after-call care: Use our smart document checklists to collect necessary documents from customers, without leaving anything to chance.
Compliance teams
and more
Validate documents in real-time: ensure that all documents are valid without the need for manual review, during periodic KYC updates or other compliance checks.

With Penbox, we were able to streamline our after-call process in just two weeks and with only one hour of team training. Its smart documents checklists handle all scenarios and exceptions, making it an incredibly adaptable and powerful tool for our business.

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Julien Ben Lahcen

Keep working in
your favourite tools

Keep working in your favourite tools

Outlook Word Sharepoint Salesforce Zendesk
Whether it's inside Outlook, your CRM, or any web-based application, Penbox functions right within your existing tools. There's no need for learning new system - simply work more efficiently from day one.

Stop worrying about missing documents.

Stop worrying about missing documents.

Streamline your documents collection process with Penbox. Automate collection, eliminate the need for manual intervention, and ensure every document you get is valid, effortlessly.

Discover the Penbox Difference

What is Penbox?

Penbox is a B2B SaaS platform that revolutionizes the way companies collect information and documents from their customers. We offer a personalized and automated approach to data collection, moving beyond traditional emails and forms.

Who typically uses Penbox?

Teams burdened with extensive email communication and heavy client data exchanges are prime users of Penbox. This includes businesses, both small and large, focused on improving client interaction efficiency, prioritizing customer experience, and recognizing the need for compliance and security beyond traditional email methods.

What problems does Penbox solve?

  Drastically reduce email overload and manual data handling.
  Deliver an unmatched, personalized customer experience.
  Streamline business processes with automated, structured data.
  Ensure top-tier data protection and compliance through secure communication channels

What are the most common usages of Penbox?

Bulk Data Update: Facilitating mass information collection with customized, pre-filled forms to improve response rates and easy integration of collected data into business systems.
Collect & Sign: Streamlining the electronic signature process by efficiently combining information capture with instant document preparation for signing.
Smart Checklist: Efficiently gathering additional information post-initial customer interaction, with real-time tracking for comprehensive data collection.

How does Penbox handle data security and privacy?

Penbox prioritizes data security and privacy with utmost seriousness. All data is securely stored in Europe, utilizing the latest encryption technologies to ensure robust protection. Our platform adheres strictly to GDPR regulations and is ISO27001 compliant, reflecting our commitment to maintaining high standards of data security and privacy for all our users.