Personalized Customer Experience

Create a personalized form-filling experience for your customers with pre-filled and hyper-personalized forms. Tailored to meet the unique expectations and situations of each customer.

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Prefill data from your CRM

Streamline the collection of customer data with our pre-fill feature, which pulls information from your CRM. By eliminating the need for customers to repeatedly fill out the same information, you increase completion rates and reactivity while ensuring data accuracy. With pre-defined scenarios and the ability for employees to personalize requests, our platform delivers a highly personalized experience.
Prefill from CRM-1

Configure and personalize

Empower your knowledge workers with the ability to configure processes before sending them out, giving them the autonomy they need to complete tasks efficiently. By allowing personalization based on previous interactions and information provided during phone calls or emails, you can create a more tailored and personalized experience for your customers. With this system, your knowledge workers can leverage their expertise, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Configure and personalize

Customizable Scenarios

Our platform offers customizable scenarios to choose from, each with its own set of questions tailored to specific processes. By presenting only relevant questions, our platform reduces onboarding time and increases employee efficiency. Our checklist feature further streamlines the process, providing a clear step-by-step guide for employees to follow. Improve productivity and save valuable time.

Customizable scenario

Smart form technology

Collect only the most relevant information from your customers, reducing the time and effort needed to fill out forms. Our smart forms are designed to ask only the necessary questions based on the specific scenario, such as a medical form where an individual won't need to fill out endless pages of unnecessary information. This not only saves time for your customers but also ensures that you receive accurate and relevant data. Make the form-filling process fast and easy, designed to push customers through the process by only asking for the information you need.

Smart form technology

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