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Transform email, paper and phone exchanges into enjoyable digital experiences, even for the most complex workflows. Go live in minutes.

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Too many ping-pongs with customers?

We help with that.

Replace your processes with digital forms & workflows

Create advanced dynamic forms, notifications, and workflows in seconds with our AI powered low-code studio.

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Simplify sharing with customers in just 1 click!

Share personalized & secure links, automate reminders, and track status and events. Penbox does all the hard work for you.

Delight your customers with personal experiences

Pre-filled forms, smart reminders, easy photo uploads, real-time validation, and seamless form completions.

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Everything you need

And your customers love.



Exchange information and documents with self-service customer portals. Easy access, real-time updates, and seamless integration.


Capture, insert, and sign with your preferred or own provider. Generate PDFs for seamless signing based on the captured data.

OTP Access

Ensure the right person is completing the form. Enhance security with One-Time-Password access.

Smart Reminders

Send hyper-personalized smart reminders that get your forms completed.

File Sharing

Securely share large files. Real-time monitoring, full data control.


Collect or update information and documents at scale.

Made for every team

Customized for every industry, with personalized features.

Secure Large File Sharing with OTP

Effortlessly share and retrieve sensitive large files while enhancing security, replacing traditional email attachments with Penbox's OTP protected system.

Secure File Sharing

AI-powered Documents Collection

Discover a new level of administrative efficiency as our AI-powered solution simplifies the process of gathering required or missing documents, validates their accuracy, and extracts structured information to automatically feed your systems.

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Smart Checklists

Craft your own Smart Checklists, then customize information requests just before sending. Tailor each interaction to your users, making it more efficient and personal.

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Regulatory Customer Data Updates

Efficiently manage the process of regularly updating customer information for compliance with AML and KYC regulations, ensuring data integrity and regulatory adherence. Easily execute bulk updates through our Campaign module.

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Data-to-PDF Signing

Streamline compliance processes by seamlessly collecting information from users, auto-populating it into a PDF document, and facilitating secure e-signatures, all within a single fluid workflow.

Legal Signing

Confidential Document Submission Portal

Offer customers a secure and user-friendly portal to submit confidential documents required for compliance purposes. Ensure data privacy and a seamless submission process.

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Smart Lead Generation Questionnaires

Boost your sales and marketing efforts with dynamic questionnaires on your website, effortlessly capturing leads through interactive and tailored forms that adapt based on user responses, ensuring you gather precise information for targeted follow-ups.

Leads Generation

Sales-to-Contract Workflow

Seamlessly move from "yes" to "contract" with Penbox's integrated solution: sales reps can initiate customized workflows upon customer agreement, capturing essential commercial information, generating offer documents pre-filled with details, facilitating secure e-signatures, and seamlessly capturing payment methods like SEPA mandates for a seamless sales journey.

Yes to Sign

Pre-call Data Collection

Capture relevant information before calls to optimize call times. Enhance efficiency and customer experience by minimizing call duration and save valuable time for both callers and recipients.

Get Ready for call

Post-Call Structured Follow-Up

After every call, Penbox generates requests to validate information discussed and gather any additional required documents. This systematic approach enhances data accuracy, ensures completeness, and provides a user-friendly experience for customers. Streamline your follow-up process and boost efficiency while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

After Call information validation

Live In-Call Interaction & Signatures

Elevate call center efficiency with Penbox's live session feature. Collect info, docs, signatures in real-time for seamless, swift customer engagement.

Penbox - Aircall - Live Interaction

Trust is our core business.


Secure and compliant by design

Penbox makes sure your data is secure, and protecting it is one of our most important responsibilities. We’re committed to being transparent about our security and privacy practices. Our Trust Center enables you to trust us in real-time.

Your all-in-one platform to create delightful digital experiences


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End-users rate customer experience at an average of 4.8/5. 

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Boost completion rate

Achieve 80% of completion rate autonomously, without human intervention. 

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We deliver 400X ROI for your business. Get results super fast.

Penbox ? It is magical. 

“Penbox transformed our claims declaration process! Customized, structured, and user-friendly. Our efficiency and service to brokers skyrocketed. We achieved this milestone in just a few months! Penbox has become an integral part of our success story.”

"I first considered building a similar solution in-house. But realising the complexity, it would be time-consuming. Penbox proved to be the perfect solution, saving us months of development and hassle. Their expertise made all the difference! This is something no IT team can build in-house."

“The time saved thanks to Penbox on administrative tasks with low added value, allows me to spend more time to get closer to my customers and serve them better. Additionally, the customers now respond more promptly, which was not the case previously."

Use Penbox in your favorite tools

Put your entire workflow on autopilot by connecting and integrating with the tools you already use.

Kiss goodbye to 
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