A smarter way to
collect customer data

A smarter way to collect customer data

Replace generic forms and traditional email exchanges with Penbox,

the platform that transforms every information and document collection into a personalized customer journey.

Hundreds of SMEs, scale-ups, and global enterprises rely on Penbox to collect data at scale.
Belfius Daoust Allianz fieldfisher Groupama Agreena

Forms reimagined for business

Automate your admin workflows
and boost your team productivity

Say goodbye to endless
emails back-and-forth

Transform any admin task, from document e-signatures to data updates, with our powerful, AI-generated forms and achieve exceptional results
Customers reports a 300% return on investment within the first year using Penbox
Achieve up to 82% completion rate on complex forms, surpassing the industry average
Experience a 20% boost in data quality, resulting in improved insights and better decision-making
Benefit from ready-to-use integrations like e-signature, PDF manipulation and multi-channel engagement
Vincent Delghust Claims manager

"Penbox has transformed our claims declaration process making it more customized, structured, and very user-friendly. As a result, our efficiency and service to brokers have skyrocketed in just a few months. Penbox is now a crucial part of our success story."

Vincent Delghust Claims manager
John C. Claims Declaration Smart reminder in 2 days Remind In Progress Alex V. Quartely KYC Update Information synced with Salesforce Synced Processed Sarah B. Customer Onboarding Manual validation required Review Submitted

Gain full control and visibility over your workflows

Get a clear overview and actionable insights of your customers interactions. Track form completions, ensure timely follow-ups, and integrate data smoothly into your existing systems
Automate personalized invitations and reminders to increase engagement
Validate and request updated documents seamlessly
Synchronize data and documents with existing tools or export to Excel
Expand your data collection processes efficiently with scalable solutions

Simplifying complexity
is what we do best

Simplifying complexity is what we do best

Create smart forms

Build forms with advanced logic—conditional fields, loops, calculators, and more—that adapt to user context and inputs. Switch between no-code and low-code, or let our AI do the job.
For each in witnesses Witness @index Date of Birth DD/MM/YYYY Add Element Ask the date of birth for each witness

Send personal links

Share a unique secure link with each customer to ensure every interaction is customized and accurately tracked, enhancing both personalization and security.
en Send Link Compliance Assessments to John Doe Include the following assessments GDPR Security AI Act Secured with OTP

Utilize collected data

Collect and validate your data with ease, syncing it with your existing systems and workflows—all from a single, unified platform for optimal efficiency.
Sync Contacts Hubspot Sync Contacts Salesforce Calls Sync AWS Connect Collect Payments Stripe Sync Everything Custom Tool Manage Files Sharepoint Send Emails Gmail Send Emails Outlook Manage Cases Zendesk Fill Documents Fill Documents Word Fill Sheets Excel Connect Zapier

No matter your workflow,
make it a delightful experience

See all use cases

Customer data updated, at scale

Streamline monthly or annual customer data updates with pre-filled information using Penbox campaigns.
Ideal for companies needing data consistency and accuracy, through bulk record updates or for compliance
Valentine Ganseman

"When we chose Penbox, we were aiming for a 20% completion rate. We never expected that 60% of our customer base would fill in the forms."

Valentine Ganseman Head of Customer Success
Submitted 340 In Progress 21 Invite Sent 56 KYC Campaign Q4’23

Penbox adapts to your tools
and ways of working

and not the other way around.

Penbox excels in integrating with your environment, from popular platforms like Outlook to CRMs like Salesforce. Yet, it's our seamless compatibility with custom in-house systems or applications that truly sets us apart. Our flexible integration approach means Penbox enhances your processes, not complicates them.

Pascal Buyle Head of Transformation Life & Health

"Our previous process for gathering data on employee payroll was cumbersome and not secure enough. Penbox seamlessly converts these files into intuitive forms and automates updates, saving us hours of manual administration. It is perfectly tailored to our workflow, enhancing our operations and integrating with our existing systems."

Pascal Buyle Head of Transformation Life at Belfius, a leading Belgian bank and insurer

Ready to enhance
your data collection process?

Discover the Penbox difference

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and personalization in your data collection with Penbox.
Let's redefine how you interact with your customers.

Experience the future of data collection today.

What is Penbox?

Penbox is a B2B SaaS platform that revolutionizes the way companies collect information and documents from their customers. We offer a personalized and automated approach to data collection, moving beyond traditional emails and forms.

Who typically uses Penbox?

Teams burdened with extensive email communication and heavy client data exchanges are prime users of Penbox. This includes businesses, both small and large, focused on improving client interaction efficiency, prioritizing customer experience, and recognizing the need for compliance and security beyond traditional email methods.

What problems does Penbox solve?

  Drastically reduce email overload and manual data handling.
  Deliver an unmatched, personalized customer experience.
  Streamline business processes with automated, structured data.
  Ensure top-tier data protection and compliance through secure communication channels

What are the most common usages of Penbox?

Bulk Data Update: Facilitating mass information collection with customized, pre-filled forms to improve response rates and easy integration of collected data into business systems.
Collect & Sign: Streamlining the electronic signature process by efficiently combining information capture with instant document preparation for signing.
Smart Checklist: Efficiently gathering additional information post-initial customer interaction, with real-time tracking for comprehensive data collection.

How does Penbox handle data security and privacy?

Penbox prioritizes data security and privacy with utmost seriousness. All data is securely stored in Europe, utilizing the latest encryption technologies to ensure robust protection. Our platform adheres strictly to GDPR regulations and is ISO27001 compliant, reflecting our commitment to maintaining high standards of data security and privacy for all our users.