Turn complex processes into enjoyable digital experiences

Transform email, phone and paper-based exchanges into enjoyable digital experiences, even for the most complex processes. Improve customer experience and data exchange security with our low-code platform. Go live in days, not weeks.

Penbox intelligent forms process

Handle complex processes using no-code

Address multiple processes and simplify digital transformation. Our solution offers a unique and complementary approach to solving the challenges of collecting and processing customer data.

Create complex form logic from scratch.

Complex Processes
Completion Rates

Record-breaking completion rates

Our commitment to provide a user-friendly platform is reflected in our impressive completion rate of up to 84%. We have intuitive interfaces, ensuring easy-to-navigate and pre-filled forms, with no platform or portal access required. A seamless experience for your customers.

Completion Rates

Personalized interactions

Personalization is key to delivering a great user experience and making your customers feel valued. We understand your customers are unique, so we offer personalized pre-filled forms and hyper-personalized processes to meet the unique expectations and situations of your customers.


Transform email ping pong into entertaining digital experiences

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Consumers rate interactions on average 4.8/5

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Boost completion

Up to 80% of interactions are successfully completed

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4x faster than traditional

Why Penbox? 

icons8-launchpad-100  Launch in days

Skip the lengthy project launch process and choose time to solution in a couple of days. We'll have your project up and running in just a few days. Overcome complexity and move forward faster.

icons8-increase-100   Increase efficiency

Streamline your document management. Our automated process eliminates manual sorting and classification, bringing clean data to your team faster. Increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs today.

Group (10)  Optimize Security

Upgrade your data privacy standards and meet compliance. Move beyond insecure email and paper channels, and eliminate limitations of traditional customer zones. Safeguard sensitive data and achieve compliance faster than ever.

Loved by 400+ clients

“Our ambition was to digitize our claims declarations in a more complete, structured and user-friendly way with the aim of improving the experience and service for brokers, as well as the efficiency of our operations. Thanks to Penbox, we were able to create our own declaration form for 3 different product families within a few months and are now live.”

"When the Penbox solution was presented to me, my initial thought was to consider developing it in-house. However, upon realizing the complexity involved, I soon recognized that this would require a significant amount of time and resources. We needed a short-term solution, but this type of IT project takes months or even years to set up and is often abandoned. As they say, to each his own."

“The time saved thanks to Penbox on administrative tasks with low added value, allows me to spend more time to get closer to my customers and serve them better. Additionally, the customers now respond more promptly, which was not the case previously."

Secure and compliant by design

Penbox makes sure your data is secure, and protecting it is one of our most important responsibilities. We’re committed to being transparent about our security and privacy practices. Our Trust Center enables you to trust us in real-time.

Are you prioritizing User Experience and Data security in 2023? 

Don't overlook customer experience in your IT roadmap. Prioritize customer experience initiatives in 2023 to stay competitive. Discover key focus points to innovate on customer experience.