Full-Stack Developer

We are looking for junior profiles with at least 2 years of experience in javascript front-end and/or back-end development

About Penbox

Our vision is that today’s long and boring email & paper exchanges between companies and their customers should all become intuitive digital experiences, for both. Our mission is to provide companies with a SaaS solution that enables them to very quickly (aka days not months) digitalize their current processes with the latest modern technologies. Out of the box, we cover modern notifications, smart reminders, complex business logic, cool forms and beautiful front-ends. Penbox was officially founded by 4 thirties in December 2019, and already has 15 paying companies (July 31 2020) and 3 employees. As you can see, we love to move fast and bold. This is why we just closed our first investment round to secure additional forces to join our digital adventure and this might be you !

Why should you apply ?

1. You like our culture:

We have in our DNA to think scalable with a x1000 mindset, while staying relevant to today’s problems of our customers. We expect our (senior) employees to be a reference in their domain for their colleagues and our clients. The founding team is composed of 4 early thirties with experience in start-ups as well as large corporations, bringing the best of both worlds. We are also convinced that Penbox could not exist without the energy of their (first) employees. That's why we created a stock-option plan for the first joiners.

2. You like our technologies

As we are a tech company, we are building our web platform using all the cool techs of the moment, such as VueJS & Typescript. There is no legacy stack to maintain as the code base is young, and structured in a way that easily allows dropping out-dated code. We are micro-services and mono-repo based. We even already run on Node 14! Concretely, this is a non exhaustive list of our current technologies:
  • Javascript, Typescript, Yarn, Lerna, NodeJS, NuxtJS, VueJS, Vuetify, Webpack, Babel,
  • @hapi/hapi, @hapi/joi, Json:API, PostgreSQL, JWT & JWKS,
  • Docker, Github actions, Google Cloud, Kubernetes
We value productivity over convictions. You will be able to choose if you want a PC or a Mac and we keep an open mind to introduce or replace technologies.

3. You like the challenges we have for you

Depending on your affinities, our current challenges include:
  • Enhance further the UX of our applications,
  • Increase the feature set of our apps and services,
  • Develop integrations between our core services and external tools/APIs,
  • Increase the scalability of our infrastructure,
  • Stabilize the deployments by taking our DevOps process to the next level (CI, e2e testing, etc.).
You will be mentored by our CTO and lead dev, but we expect from you to take ownership of the projects, this also includes the liberty to find the best solution and come up with new ideas.

4. Benefits

We offer the traditional dev package: phone, mobility solutions, health insurance, pension plan, meal voucher, etc.
  • At least 2 days of homeworking a week + work from abroad allowed for at least 1 week/year
  • Coaching and training
  • Be part of an exciting adventure
  • Stock option - it's only fair you get a share of what we build together

5. You meet the requirements

We are looking for a junior profile with at least 2 years of experience in javascript front-end and/or back-end development (bear in mind those years do not necessarily require to be full-time professional experience), that will be autonomous from the beginning and will be able to very quickly take ownership of components of our product. Generally speaking, we are looking for developers who write only qualitative code that is efficient, secure, re-usable, maintainable, with strong cohesion and loose coupling by default.

How to apply ?

Using Penbox, obviously ! Just click on the link below to share your details with us!
The founders Benoit(LinkedIn), Christophe(LinkedIn), Emile(LinkedIn), Matthieu(LinkedIn)